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Field visit to UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, 24.11.2016, Hamburg


In the course of Dr. Shah, Students of Würzburg visited the UIL in Hamburg.

The field visit to UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning was held on 24th November. It started with a welcoming lunch in Museum für Völkerkunde. In an informal manner, with an adequate atmosphere of the Museum, we started discussing some of the main issues that were later presented to us by the members of the UIL.

The UIL is situated in the beautiful vila of Albert Ballin, famous shipping magnate of Hamburg. We were welcomed by UIL’s Director Mr Arne Carlsen. He introduced us with some of the current projects in the field of lifelong learning, with special emphasis on the UIL’s projects,  brought the working atmosphere closer to us and inspired us to take part in some of their work. Moderator Lisa Krolak pointed out the chances we have in the Institute, such as: internships, library use, fellowships etc. Also, she introduced us with library work and some of the titles they have in their collection.

The concept of the visit was organized through three presentations by three different members of the Institute, and each presented one of the main issues that Institute is dealing with: Lifelong learning policies and strategies, Adult learning and education, Literacy and Basic skills. All presenters emphasized the importance of adult learning and education in the modern world, in overcoming some of the crucial problems of the 21st century, such as illiteracy, and in establishing human well - being.

For us, as foreign students, this visit was a one - time opportunity to get to know an organization that is relevant on the world level in our field. Another thing that we would like to point out is the very pleasant and open approach of everyone we met in the Institute and constant encouragement to join them and contribute to their work in different ways. This kind of visit should be organized more often, especially for international students, because it enriches their experience and knowledge, allowing them to improve practices in their own countries.


                                                                  Written by: Ljiljana Đukanović and Aleksandra Milićević




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