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Impressions on studies in Würzburg: Aleksandra Milicevic B.A.


Impressions on studies in Würzburg

In September 2016 I started my exchange program at Julius-Maximilian University Würzburg with an Intensive course of German language. It was a great opportunity for me to improve my German language skills before the official start of the lectures. The course also gave me a chance to meet the people from all around the world and to make some international friendships, which will probably last for a very long time.

In October 2016 I attended five different course. Two of them I had during the whole semester: Preparatory course for Winter School and Personal- und Organizationsetwicklung. Preparatory course enabled a completely new approach and view on Winter School and prepared us really good for the coming tasks. The other course was on German language, which was pretty much challenging for me on the one side, but on the other side it enriched a lot my professional vocabulary in the field of adult education.

Also, I attended three international courses with the professionals from different parts of the world: Africa (Nigeria), Asia (India) and south-eastern Europe (Serbia). That was a perfect opportunity to get closer with completely different approaches and systems of adult education and to try to make a comparison on similarities and differences between them. The lectures where more than interesting, very creative, dynamic, interactive. We had a lot of teamwork, discussions and also some filed visits (UNESCO Institute in Lifelong Learning in Hamburg).

I would also like to mention the guest lecture from prof. Rahab Tamis from Palestine which was for me completely new experience, since I have never heard anything about adult education practice in that part of the world. It really offered a new dimension on some old problems in our field and I realized that in front of us is really challenging path in developing of adult education and lifelong learning.

At the end of my exchange program, I attended International Winter School: Comparative studies in adult education and lifelong learning. Great chance to meet a lot of new people from all around the world and to learn more about different topics of our interest.

Beside the learning part of my exchange, I had a lot of free time activities. Würzburg is wonderful city, which offers a lot of new experiences in any sense. Also, I had enough time to travel, not only in Germany, but all around Europe.

I would gladly recommend all students to take a part in exchange program at Julius-Maximilian University in Würzburg, at the Professorship for adult and continuing education 

Aleksandra Milicevic (Serbia)


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